New Homes in Anthem, AZ

In case you’re looking to settle in a relatively low-populated area, Anthem AZ might be the perfect place for you. This suburb of Phoenix has a population of 22,980, and it’s an excellent place for families with children. Furthermore, it’s a good place for people who are looking to spend their retirement days away from big cities and accompanying nuisances such as noise, wild nightlife, and high crime rate. 

There are plenty of new homes in Anthem, and this would be a perfect opportunity for you to become a proud homeowner. Given that the median household income in this area is $94,350, it’s quite a lucrative place considering the fact that the National median household income is $55,322. As far as schools go, nine A-graded public schools are serving Anthem, so you don’t have to worry too much about the quality of education.

A Desert Community In Arizona

Why Move to Anthem

This place is a paradise on earth for people who like family-oriented neighborhoods. It’s not as diverse as some other suburban areas of Phoenix, but it’s definitely filled with kind, welcoming people, most of whom have some kind of an active role in the community. In other words, it’s a safe, beautiful area with great weather and good schools. 

If you’re looking for a new place, there are more than a couple of houses for sale in Anthem AZ, waiting for a new owner. We would be more than happy to help you find the one that meets your expectations. 

The job opportunities are pretty good, the crime rate is quite low, and most importantly – Anthem is among the top 15 best suburbs to raise a family in Arizona. Needless to say, the overall statistics are pretty positive, and that’s why a lot of people opt to shape their future in this small yet dynamic suburban area.


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