New Homes in Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert is perceived as one of the best suburbs to raise a family in Arizona. It’s full of dynamic activities, from local markets to concerts and festivals. It has a population of 232,176, and the median household income is $87,566. To put that in perspective, the national median household income is $55,322, which means that this suburban area records a 58% higher median income in comparison to the national level. 

There are plenty of new homes in Gilbert that are designed to cater to both families with children and senior citizens. Among the numerous things that make this area sought-after by many, the one that stands out as crucial is – education quality. In other words, more than 90 public schools serve Gilbert, so you can expect your child to excel academically. 

new homes in Gilbert, AZ

Why Move to Gilbert, AZ

Primarily, Gilbert is a very safe area with a pretty low crime rate, frequent police checks, and it’s even protected by the neighborhood-watch programs. Traffic is well-regulated, speed limits near schools are low and monitored, so it’s an overall pretty safe and sound area. 

If you’re a fan of restaurants and shopping stores, you won’t have a problem finding one in this area. Whenever there are houses for sale in Gilbert, they tend to get scooped off the market pretty quickly. Speaking of new homes for sale in Gilbert, the median home value is $286,400 in comparison to the national median home value of $184,700. When it comes to the residents, more than 70% own their home whereas about 30% of residents pay rent. 

Gilbert is easily in the top five areas you would want to look into if you’re planning on investing in a new house. It’s beautiful, dynamic, and most importantly – it offers an incredible sense of community and togetherness to its new residents.


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