New Homes in New River, AZ

New River is an excellent place for people who are into hiking, driving SXS through a desert, and other similar outdoor activities. It has a population of 14,847, and the median household income is $74,237, which is about 35% above the national average. 

Finding new houses for sale in New River is a challenge we would be more than happy to take and help you settle in without any issues. New River is a safe place with favorable low crime rates, and it has well-equipped grocery stores, shopping areas, fitness centers, dining places, and many other businesses. In terms of education quality, there are six public schools in the vicinity. It’s not a town with the most public schools ever, but considering its population, there are enough schools to fulfill the education needs of the entire population in the area.

buy home in New River, AZ

Why Move to New River, AZ

New River is a rather harmonious and quiet place. While it does offer entertainment and fun activities, it’s far from being a dynamic party town. Therefore, it’s a perfect place for people who are looking to settle in a peaceful area, and perhaps spend their retirement hiking or enjoying the desert sun.

There are more than a few new homes in New River that are waiting for a new owner. The median home value is $318,400 in this area, and nearly 90% of the residents own their home while 10% of them pay rent. 

In terms of demographic diversity, the largest percentage is held by people over 55 years of age (22%), followed by people over 45 years of age (21%). The lowest percentage is reserved for people between the ages of 25 and 34 (5%). Thanks to this data, it’s safe to conclude that more than 40% of New River’s residents are people between 45 and 65 years of age.


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