New Homes in Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek is a fast-growing town with a lot to offer to people who are looking to move to the Southwest. The town is primarily located within Maricopa County, but some parts of it extend into Pinal County as well. Because of how fast the population grew during the past few years, it’s hard to determine the exact number of residents of Queen Creek, but it is estimated that around 39,000 people are living here with a median household income of $92,917. 

Despite the rapid development, Queen Creek maintained that authentic suburban feel that many families seek when looking for a new place to raise their children. Speaking of children, the town is served by six public school districts that offer high-quality academic programs. Overall, the schools are rated above average on a national level and are among the best in the entire state for education. 

Homes for sale in Queen Creek, Arizona are mostly new and come in various sizes. The median home value is estimated to be around $312,000, which is not necessarily affordable when compared to the national average. Still, Queen Creek is one of the more affordable places to live if you’re keen on moving to the valley.

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Why Move to Queen Creek, AZ

If you’re looking for a town with a vibrant nightlife, plenty of bars, and lots of entertainment options – Queen Creek might not be the right choice for you. Despite the fast-paced growth of the area, it still has that small town feel. 

However, if a family-friendly environment is what you and your family are after, we highly recommend you check out some of the houses for sale in Queen Creek and find out if they fit your requirements and budget. Most of the residents here own their properties, so as a result, there is this deep sense of an established community and neighborly support. The environment, in general, feels welcoming and friendly.


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